Online casino games are virtual games that are played on laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices. To play these games, you need an active internet connection that connects your computer to your gambling website. Many sites such as don't needn't be installed on your device. Simply launch them on your browser and you are good to go.

Online casino games and fairness

Most of the online casino games that you play are run by Random Number Generators. The latter are complex computer programs that spew out unique and unpredictable sequences of numbers and symbols. Since there is no human intervention in how these RNGs work, most of the casino games are fair and transparent.

  • Online games include slots, table games, card games, etc.
  • You can also participate in jackpots and progressive jackpots.

Some online casinos offer live casinos to their players. Here, you can play against live dealers in the same way that you play in regular casinos. However, there is a critical difference. In live casinos, you interact with your dealer via your computer. If you face any problem, you can take it to the pit boss instantly.

Online casino games and security

Many new gamblers are concerned about the security in their online casinos. Almost every gambling website is secured by the SSL technology. This means that all your information is covered by a virtual tunnel that stops hackers from stealing it. Information is also encrypted in the online casinos. This level of security is also used by banks.

How do you know whether your information is encrypted? Have a look at your website's URl.. If it begins with 'https', this means its is secured by the latest encryption technology. All your data such as your name, email id, password, credit and debit card details, etc. are converted into a string of characters.

Online casinos and gaming licenses

Every gambling website has to pass several tests before it opens its doors to the public. It has to secure a gambling licence from the host country and other authorities. A licenced casino is trusted more by the players than an unlicensed one. When a casino receives a licence, it means that the authority is satisfied with it

  • Don't play on unlicensed casinos
  • You can get more information by writing to the licencing authority.

Licencing procedures in the case of online casinos are different from those of the regular ones. It is often seen that online licencing authorities are more lax than their offline counterparts. You can check the licensing authority by going to the bottom of your casino's homepage. Find out the name of the authority, licence number, etc.

Kinds of onlinecasino games

The most popular online games are slots. Classic slots don't have storylines, and have standard symbols such as bars, candies, whistles, 7s, etc. Video slots, on the other hand have unique storylines and have several kinds of symbols. You can win your slot by landing the winning combination of symbols. Check the paytable to know more.

Another popular online casino game is Roulette. Here a ball is dropped on to a revolving wheel divided into several numbered sections. Players have to bet on the number on which the ball come to rest. There are several kinds of odds in this game, each having a different payout. Other games are Blackjack, Baccarat, Sic Bo, etc.

  • You can learn these games by playing them in the demo mode
  • There are lots of videos on playing online casino games.

Tips on winning online casino games

There is no perfect strategy for acing your online casino game. You can try out different strategies suited to the playing conditions, though. Some of those are the Martingale strategy, the Reverse Martingale strategy, Fibonacci strategy, and so on. New players should start their gambling journeys by betting low amounts and avoiding losses.

If you like playing online slots, try out those games that have high RTPs but low to medium volatility. However, you need to have the right strategy and lots of luck to ace these slots. Your winning chances increase if your slot has Wilds, Scatters or Multipliers. Lovers of online Roulette can consider placing bets on outside odds.